About Hu

We couldn't find a chocolate that met our standards. So we made our own.

Jordan, Jessica, & Jason, Co-Founders
Behind the brand

It all began in 2009 when family members Jordan, Jessica, and Jason started to question how the food they were eating impacted their health and happiness. They decided the bar for “I feel fine” was set way too low. So, they hustled to develop their own philosophy that didn’t force them to sacrifice their beliefs for great tasting food. Enter: Hu Chocolate. Where we make indulgent simple ingredient chocolate with unbeatable taste.

Our mission

We founded Hu to unite simple ingredients and unbeatable taste

No Weird Ingredients. Ever.®

Simple Ingredient Chocolate

Hu’s indulgent chocolate is made with 3 simple, organic ingredients: cacao, cocoa butter, and unrefined coconut sugar.
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Hu No Added Sugar Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips have the nostalgic taste you love - simply sweetened with dates.
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The History of Hu

Inspiration Strikes

Co-founders and family members Jordan Brown, Jason Karp, & Jessica Karp find inspiration from early health & wellness pioneers and thought-leaders, Dr. Mark Hyman and primal diet legend, Mark Sisson. Jordan sees an opportunity in the restaurant industry and pitches a new paleo/primal food concept to his brother-in-law, Jason, to create a brand that sets a new standard of quality.

Idea Becomes Reality

A lease is signed on what is now the Hu flagship location, and construction begins. The founders get to work on bringing the brand to life.

Hu develops its own unique chocolate

While developing the Hu Kitchen menu and strict ingredient "guardrails," the co-founders struggle finding a delicious chocolate that meets the restaurant’s ingredient rules. So, they decide to develop their own delicious chocolate that is paleo, vegan, and easy to bake with.

Sept 2012
The Flagship Opens

Hu’s flagship restaurant opens its doors in Greenwich Village. Hu Kitchen's strictly-vetted, simple ingredients and paleo-inspired comfort food become a hit with the neighborhood.

Hu Chocolate Launches

Hu Chocolate launches out of Jordan's apartment. In March 2013, it is on the shelves of its first store outside of Hu Kitchen – Whole Foods Columbus Circle. By the end of the year, Jordan is hand-delivering Hu chocolate to 38 stores out of a wheelie suitcase.

Hu Chocolate Scales Up

Jessica and Jordan do their first trade show for Hu Chocolate – Expo West 2015. Production goes through its first scale-up to serve over 400 stores by the end of 2016 with 4 employees.

Growing the Team

Hu Chocolate continues to grow in 2017, and a team of 5 employees moves out of Jordan's apartment and into the first Hu office. By the end of 2018, Hu Chocolate is in roughly 3,000 stores with a team of 15 people.

Further Expansion into Snacking

Hu expands further into the snacking category with the launch of Hunks, Gems, and its first savory product – Grain-Free Crackers. By the end of 2019, Hu has a team of 25!

To be continued…