The Sweetest Treats: Hu's Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mom deserves a snack break. So, why not treat her to what she’s been craving all along? That’s where our ultimate Mother’s Day gift guide comes in. Keep scrolling for the best gifts for every type of mom in your life.

The Mom Who’s Anything But Regular

She’s not a regular mom. So, gift her Hu’s ultimate variety pack - a bundle of our 8 Chocolate Bars and Gems. Make mom’s day with a ready-to-snack highlight reel of our best-selling, better-for-you chocolate.

Hu Mother's Day Chocolate Bundle

Hu Classics Bundle ($70 value, $60)

The Mom Who Always Needs Something Sweet After Snacking On Something Salty

Oh, the sweet-and-savory-then-sweet-again struggle. Featuring Hu’s Sea Salt Crackers and Chocolate Chip Cookies, our bundle was made for the most versatile taste buds. Cravings happen. Now mom can have the best of both worlds.

Hu Mother's Day Cookie and Crackers

Sweet & Salty Snacks Bundle ($30 value, $26)

The Mom Who Can Only Be Described As Sweet

Hu’s Chocolate Bars for Mother’s Day? (Actually) groundbreaking. Especially when it’s chocolate that says “no” to dairy, gluten, refined sugar, and more. Yup, this chocolate is almost as sweet as mom. Almost.

Hu Mother's Day Bundle Salty Simple Dark Chocolate

Salty & Simple 4-pack Chocolate Gift Box ($40)

The Mom Who Swears By Emergency Chocolate

Never-ending to-do list? Best hair day in weeks? Kicking off a long weekend? There’s a gift box for every life event - and it houses all of Hu’s organic Chocolate Bars. Boom.

Hu Mother's Day Bundle Chocolate Lovers

Chocolate Lovers Gift Box ($79)

The Mom Who Bakes When She’s Stressed, Happy & Every Mood In Between

Vegan baking chocolate and a spatula for DIY snacks that match mom’s greatness? Oh yes. This bundle is an anytime baker’s paradise.

Hu Mother's Day Baking Bundle

Hu Baking Bundle ($87 value, $74)

The Mom Who Just Can’t Make Up Her Mind

And now she doesn’t have to. Hu’s Variety Chocolate Gift Box makes choosing the day’s chocolate flavor the least stressful and most exciting part of any day. Because mom is the most deserving of an epic snack break and these treats are here to deliver.

Hu Mother's Day 4-pack Variety Chocolate Gift Box

4-pack Variety Chocolate Gift Box ($40)

May 05, 2021

Posted by Hu Kitchen