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Companies and brands that are performing acts of kindness during the COVID-19 pandemic

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April 14, 2020

Hu Products Donation

"This week, Hu Products announced a partnership with scrubs maker FIGS to deliver care packages of new scrubs and chocolates to over 100+ hospitals to thousands of workers across the US — now live here.

At Hu (short for Human), the ethos is all about helping people “get back to human” — from what we eat to how we act. Hu’s strong values include humanity and humility, and no one is embodying these values more than nurses, doctors and other medical professionals at this time. The humans behind the company understand this as they have loved ones on the front lines themselves.

To express gratitude and hopefully spark a little joy and relief for these medical professionals risking their lives every day, Hu will send 17,000 boxes of Hu products alongside FIGS 30,000 sets of scrubs being donated to their hospital network across the country. FIGS have also helped produce 5 million N95 masks and 2 million isolation gowns with the Frontline Responders Fund, which can be donated to directly, here.

The chocolates, made with unrefined, organic coconut sugar (so they can avoid the sugar crash), are a small token of appreciation and joy alongside the much-needed scrubs and medical supplies — but they’re meant to add an extra moment of humanity and respite, which we hope will go a long way during these long days and nights."

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Apr 21, 2020

Posted by Hu Kitchen

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