A celebration of Hu Kitchen

After 8 incredible years, we have decided to close our beloved restaurant,
Hu Kitchen, to focus more on our chocolate and snacking business.
This is a celebration.

Of a truly unique place. A place ahead of its time.

A place into which we funneled our personal passions.

A celebration of where our brand began.

A celebration of where our ingredient guardrails were set.

A celebration of where our chocolate and snacks came to life.

So many good memories that made us smile.

So many bad memories that made us better.

So many hurdles we hustled over.

Because we knew we had something special.

So many people who became family.

We cherish it all.

We cherish everybody who helped our restaurant succeed.

You know who you are. We love you. We appreciate you.

More than you know.

People told us we were nuts launching a paleo restaurant.

They were right. But we proved them wrong.

Hu Kitchen is where our food philosophy started.

Where ‘Get Back To Human’ started.

We are honored. Humbled.
To have served hundreds of thousands of Hu fans.

As our restaurant chapter closes, our products chapter grows stronger.

We reached many people with our restaurant, and we can reach even more with our products.

To help everyone Get Back To Human.

So many of you have already embraced our chocolate and snacks.

And we are excited to share more Hu goodies with you in the years to come.

Every Hu product is crafted from the philosophy and fanaticism born out of our restaurant.

That passion lives on in the people who believe in what our restaurant stood for.

So raise a glass to what Hu Kitchen was, and get pumped for what’s to come.

Co-Founders, Jessica, Jordan, & Jason

Hu Kitchen

Jul 09, 2020

Posted by Hu Kitchen

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