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What type of restaurant is Hu Kitchen?

Hu Kitchen is a high quality/low-processed real food casual kitchen and market. Yes, that is a mouthful. “Food for Humans” is simpler. Read more about our food specs here.

Do you take reservations?

We are a casual restaurant and do not take reservations. We do not have wait-staff if that’s more what you are wondering.

What does “Get Back to Human” Mean?

Not Human = Burnt out. Strung out. Artificial. Over-stimulated. Exhausted. Brain fog. Bloated. Undernourished. Unmotivated. Isolated. Numb. Running on fumes. Weak. Stomach pains after eating. Disinterested. Short-tempered.

Getting Back to Human = Battling all the above by experimenting with diet, exercise, sleep, play, and laughter to help you reclaim your vitality and flourish. We’re not designed to feel like crap all the time, and we all have a lot more control over this than we think we do. You deserve to thrive, not just survive.

What makes your chocolate paleo and vegan?

Hu Chocolate has no dairy, no soy lecithin, no emulsifiers, no cane sugar, no refined sugar, no sugar alcohols and no GMO ingredients.Our base chocolate is made with organic cacao, organic cocoa butter, and unrefined organic coconut sugar. We made this chocolate specifically for our restaurant because we were amazed that we couldn’t find anything with our specs that also tasted great.  Now you can buy it in retailers all across the country and online at our website.

Can Hu feed vegetarians?

We cater to many people with specialized diets, and vegetarians are definitely included. While we are big fans of our high-quality animal proteins, our philosophy is to highlight vegetables first. Because we keep our ingredients list small, we know exactly what is in each of our menu options – if you have any concerns, all you have to do is ask.