humans are at
the heart of everything we do.

And why we do it.
we're here to put the welfare,
health and happiness of
all humans first.

And profitability second.

We go beyond what's easy and expected to ensure that our products and practices are both ethical and put humanity and the human body first. We're on a mission to help people Get Back to Human, which means eating, acting and feeling like human again.

Our products use only simple, transparent and responsible ingredients. Unlike most of the food industry, we'll never take any cheap, sneaky short-cuts in production. Our practices make sourcing costs higher and production harder. It's all worth it to be able to deliver unbeatable tasting products with unmatched ingredient simplicity.

We're a small team with a purpose to create real food that heals.We harness the power of simple, clean, and responsible ingredients so that all people can get back to feeling human.