Jessica Karp
Co-Founder +
COS (Chief of Stuff)

How I Get Back To Human:

I was a low-fat, low-calorie junkie. At first, I was reluctant to eat like my brother, Jordan - removing processed foods, eliminating gluten, etc. But once I started eating clean, REAL food, everything changed. I felt great. But I also like to be balanced: eating completely unprocessed and gluten/grain/dairy-free 80-90% of the time and allowing myself to enjoy that other 10-20% without guilt. I also experiment with intermittent fasting.

I eat at Hu.

I exercise 4-5 (sometimes 6) days per week, but I mix it up because it needs to be fun! Tennis, yoga, running, functional movements, and jumping all over the place. Also I try to walk and take the stairs as much as I can.

I try to go to sleep really early because I have kids who wake me up every day. Sleeping in means 7 am. My husband hates me if I make a dinner reservation later than 7 pm during the week or 8 pm on the weekends. So we do the best we can to be in bed by 10 pm.

Kids are good for this part of life. It is such a luxury to take time to play with kids – especially your own.

My family is funny! We laugh A LOT.

Before Getting Back To Human, my career spanned equity research, financial consulting, and commercial real estate. I attended the University of Pennsylvania, was born in Miami, and grew up in Manhattan and Scarsdale, NY.