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Jordan Brown

How I Get Back To Human:

I’m always cutting and adding back different ingredients to my diet to see how it affects me – and to see how little exercise I can get away with (with the same or better results) based on these dietary tweaks.  This was a major impetus for Hu’s creation.  I’m fascinated by how quickly I can find out how certain foods either hinder or help me – physically and psychologically.  If you just pay attention, you learn fast what makes your unique body tick.  And once you figure it out, the excitement and positive results lead to good, sustainable habits.  I urge people to never knock another person’s diet until they try it out for themselves.  For me, I realized that pretty hardcore paleo works better than anything else.

I eat at Hu.

A major part of my life.  I fall apart mentally if I do not do some sort of exercise every day.  I get bored very easily, so functional movements are my go-to – I love boxing, bootcamp, rowing, and lighter-weight CrossFit.

I strive for at least 7 hours each night, but that’s tough. What I will never compromise on is a cold, dark room.

I am currently failing at this due to the entrepreneurial life.  For now, Hu - and this crazy life - is my playground.

Laughing is stress relief for me. I am happy to admit that I am immature with a very dry sense of humor.  Bizarre things make me laugh, and I find humor in the mundane awkwardness of life and people. Being human, and Getting Back To Human, requires laughing at our own shortcomings and awkwardness – I think that’s quite healthy.

I attended Cornell University and recently left my career in real estate development to found Hu and help people Get Back To Human. I was born and raised in Manhattan and Scarsdale, NY.