Wild Fish

Wild Fish

Industrialized Farmed Fish.

Farmed fish are often fed a variety of things that are foreign to the natural diet of fish, like grains and soy.  Most significantly, this reduces the ratio of Omega 3 fats to Omega 6 fats relative to the ratio found in wild fish. A higher ratio of Omega 3 fats is much healthier for humans.

Farmed fish is also typically subject to a range of antibiotics, pesticides, and artificial dyes, which ultimately make their way onto our plates and into our bodies.

While some farmed fish might be ok, most are not.

Wild-Caught Fish Only.

Wild fish is significantly more expensive than farmed fish is, but the health benefits are worth the cost.

While a number of good fish farms have arisen, the issue is that it is often difficult to truly know whether that "Farmed Salmon" comes from the good farm or the bad farm - so we don't take the chance.  All of our fish is wild.