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Sea Salt Only

Sea Salt Only

Junky Salts & Chemical Additives.

Most commercial sea salts contain chemical anti-caking agents. Dextrose is also starting to show up in some commercial sea salts. These things are never mentioned on a typical restaurant menu.

Compared to using low quality cooking salts, it is far more expensive to cook from start to finish with high-quality sea salt with no artificial additives.

But restaurants know that customers want to see "sea salt" on the ingredient list, so the trick is to cook with the low quality stuff in the kitchen and then sprinkle a final dish with sea salt to claim that it is used.

Sun-Dried Sea Salt Only - From Start To Finish.

For cooking at Hu, we use sun-dried sea salt that contains no chemical additives and no chemical anti-caking agents.

We use this sea salt as our cooking salt from start to finish – not just as a “finishing” salt. This is much more costly than using junky salts behind the scenes and then only "finishing" with sea salt, but it’s worth it from a health and quality perspective.