Quality Sweeteners

Quality Sweeteners

See also “NO Conventional Sweeteners.”

Poor-Quality Sugars.

Sugar, for good reason, has become public enemy #1.  However, we love to occasionally indulge in sweet things, and we always will. We think, in a healthy lifestyle, a little bit of sweetness isn't too bad, especially if you are exercising and moving your body regularly.

Fruit-Based And Unrefined/High-Quality Sweeteners.

In our own lives, we choose to use only certain sweeteners that make us feel better than others do and that don't give us a sluggish “crash.”  We adopt the same approach at Hu.

Our favorite sweeteners are:

  • fruits, like dates and figs
  • tubers, like sweet potatoes

When we aren’t using fruit-based sweeteners, we stick with:

  • raw unfiltered honey
  • maple syrup
  • unrefined organic coconut sugar

You can choose to listen to all the dogma and articles out there on the topic of sweeteners, but we do not - we simply experimented and went with what made us feel good.

For a full list of what we do not use at Hu, see “NO Conventional Sweeteners.”