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Hu-Style Chocolate

Hu-Style Chocolate

Most Commercial Chocolates Contain Ingredients We Do Not Use At Hu.

These banned ingredients include:

  • Conventional sweeteners, such as cane sugar, beet sugar, etc.
  • Emulsifiers, usually soy lecithin
  • Dairy

We Make Our Own Hu-Style Chocolate.

When we were developing the Hu Kitchen menu in 2012, we needed a Hu-compliant, delicious baking chocolate for our baked goods. We personally didn’t care for the harsher taste of most dark chocolates, so we made our own. It turned out to be really good, so we decided to develop our now-famous paleo/vegan line of chocolate bars

“Hu-style” chocolate is a delicious, mild, warmer-toned chocolate that contains:

  • NO Cane or Refined Sugar: we sweeten with unrefined organic coconut sugar.
  • NO Emulsifiers: emulsifiers in chocolate (typically soy lecithin) are used to increase shelf life and give an even more “velvety” mouthfeel.  Since we do not use emulsifiers or soy at Hu, they are not in our chocolate.
  • NO Soy: Soy is not an ingredient we use at Hu, so it (or anything derived from it, like soy lecithin) is not in our chocolate.
  • NO Dairy: The only dairy milk at Hu is the organic milk at our Hu Kitchen restaurant coffee stations.
  • NO Sugar Alcohols: These sweeteners give us a stomach ache and unpleasant digestive issues (TMI?), so we don’t use them.