Minimal Grains

Minimal Grains

We Personally Feel Better Minimizing Grains.

Grain consumption is one of the most hotly - and passionately - discussed topics in nutrition and lifestyle today.  Without getting preachy or “science-y” on the topic, we simply implement at Hu what our own personal experience has taught us.

We are not “anti-grain” fanatics; we just like how alternative carb sources make us feel and look.  In our experience, grains give us a post-meal bloat and a general fatigue after eating them. Utilizing vegetables and fruits as our main carb sources always makes us feel better.

Minimal Grains, Always Gluten-Free.

Currently, the only grains at Hu are in our: morning oatmeal; a few 3rd party products; and in our organic corn salad because, well, we think fresh corn is delicious and consider it a pretty low offender when it's not heavily processed.

We introduce new grain dishes on occasion, but they are always gluten-free.

Most importantly, we do not hide grain-based flours in our recipes.