Organic Poultry

Organic Poultry

Unregulated Poultry Claims.

In our experience and from speaking with the experts, it is way too easy for poultry farms to not follow through on the promises they claim (e.g. non-GMO-feed, the animals being “free-range”, etc.).

Without the USDA-Organic Certification, there is no way to truly ensure any of the claims typically touted by poultry producers. We understand that the USDA Certification is not perfect, but it is still the best, cleanest option out there, and it is regulated.

USDA-Certified Organic Poultry.

We source USDA-Certified Organic chicken and poultry that is regulated to ensure, among many other things, that the products are:

  • Antibiotic-free
  • Fed only non-GMO feed