Cooking Oil = Coconut Oil

Cooking Oil = Coconut Oil

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Cheap Canola & Vegetable Cooking Oils Used Behind The Scenes.

Quality cooking oil is one of those things traditionally ignored by the restaurant industry. Why?  Because the junky stuff is so cheap and profitable.  And customers rarely ask about it - but they should.

Canola and vegetable cooking oils are generally highly-processed, inflammatory oils that most restaurants cook their food in, and there is mounting evidence that they do not do a body good.

On a personal note, these oils leave us with a “bloated” feeling that lasts for many hours after eating them.  We didn’t realize this until we cut canola/vegetable oils from our diet.

We Cook With Coconut Oil And Ban All Canola/Vegetable Oils.

This is far more expensive than using the aforementioned canola/vegetable oils, but it is a much higher quality product.