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NO Gums

NO Gums

Cheap Unnecessary Additives That Thicken, Stabilize, And Increase Shelf Life.

The most widely-seen example is Xantham Gum.

No Ingredients Or Products Containing Gums.

The most common gum is xantham gum, a thickener and emulsifier.  It is a byproduct of a certain bacteria that ferments simple sugars in (often GMO) soy, wheat, or corn.  This byproduct is a slimy substance that gets dehydrated, processed, and turned into a powdered ingredient.

For many people, including ourselves, gums can be a gut irritant and lead to digestive discomfort.

Many people have asked if our non-dairy milks have gums (like guar and xantham gums) in them.  They don't.  See "Pure Non-Dairy Milks."