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Housemade Bacon

Housemade Bacon THE ISSUE:Bacon Isn’t Bad.  Bad Bacon Is Bad.Bacon gets a bad rap because most commercial bacons are very low quality, made with: Added sugar (usually refined/GMO). Poor-quality pork. Synthetic/artificial (versus natural) nitrates. Synthetic pink curing salts. Note: this should not to be confused with Himalayan pink salt. HU’S APPROACH: We Love Bacon, So We Make Our Own To Avoid The Bad Stuff. Our bacon contains three ingredients, and that’s it: Berkshire Pork Sea Salt Smoke And: NO added sugars or sweeteners NO added chemicals NO artificial pink curing salts

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Organic Poultry

Organic Poultry THE ISSUE:Unregulated Poultry Claims.In our experience and from speaking with the experts, it is way too easy for poultry farms to not follow through on the promises they claim (e.g. non-GMO-feed, the animals being “free-range”, etc.). Without the USDA-Organic Certification, there is no way to truly ensure any of the claims typically touted by poultry producers. We understand that the USDA Certification is not perfect, but it is still the best, cleanest option out there, and it is regulated.HU’s APPROACH:USDA-Certified Organic Poultry.We source USDA-Certified Organic chicken and poultry that is regulated to ensure, among many other things, that the products are: Antibiotic-free Fed only non-GMO feed

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Hu-Style Chocolate

Hu-Style Chocolate THE ISSUE: Most Commercial Chocolates Contain Ingredients We Do Not Use At Hu.These banned ingredients include: Conventional sweeteners, such as cane sugar, beet sugar, etc. Emulsifiers, usually soy lecithin Dairy HU’S APPROACH:We Make Our Own Hu-Style Chocolate.When we were developing the Hu Kitchen menu in 2012, we needed a Hu-compliant, delicious baking chocolate for our baked goods. We personally didn’t care for the harsher taste of most dark chocolates, so we made our own. It turned out to be really good, so we decided to develop our now-famous paleo/vegan line of chocolate bars.  “Hu-style” chocolate is a delicious, mild, warmer-toned chocolate that contains: NO Cane or Refined Sugar: we sweeten with unrefined organic coconut sugar. NO Emulsifiers: emulsifiers in chocolate...

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