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Grill/Line Cook

Hu Kitchen offers an opportunity to use farm-fresh, organic, and non-traditional ingredients.  Have you ever made pizza without gluten, grains, or dairy?  We do this, and it's delicious. We don’t cook with ingredients that contain additives - preservatives, emulsifiers, gums, stabilizers, etc.   Hu Kitchen is also an extremely high-volume restaurant.  As a cook here, you cook a lot of food every single day. However, we will never sacrifice quality for quantity.  Nothing gets served here that doesn’t meet our standards.  We always strive to make the highest quality food that consistently hits the mark - and we knock it out of the park. Essential Functions: Cook made to order items. Able to handle many orders at once. Multitask between the grill station...

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Pastry Chef

We echo our philosophy and beliefs in our kitchens. We cook with only the best ingredients we can find to produce the best tasting and best for you food. You can be proud that everything we do starts from its raw state and we produce everything in house -- you can watch the progress of your ideas and dishes from start to finish. Everybody contributes to the menu. If you have a good idea, we’ll test it and try it. We also encourage all of the Chefs to be a factor to the Daily Specials. Pastry Chef Responsibilities: Properly oversees all operations of the pastry department by supervising and coordinating a team of 6 Being hands on, assisting where needed...

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Barista / Juice Bar

A team is only as successful as each of its members. Here at Hu Kitchen we pride ourselves on having a wonderful team.  If you enjoy customer service, are outgoing, enjoy a fast-paced environment while working in a fun and exciting atmosphere, you are exactly what we are looking for to join our Front Of House staff.  We believe in cross-training our employees so that not only will you not get bored but you can find the specific aspect of customer service that is right for you.   The Front Of House staff consists of baristas, juice and smoothie creators, delivery Czar, servers, and cashiers. Essential Functions: Ability to discuss juices, smoothies and what paleo is. Prepare quality finished products (smoothies/juices/coffee) efficiently per Hu...

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